Designed for ease and simplicity, the control portal is available through your computer or on your iOS or android mobile device. Whether you have a single controller or multiple devices, you will have a constant link between you and your equipment. Automate, remotely control, and monitor your assets while confidently enjoying peace of mind.

Access to data and analytics is critical to creating value from the Industrial Internet of Things in your business. It is also critical for the interface to be intuitive. The most important information should practically jump out of the app and give you the insights that you need. Our modular approach to development makes it easy to take the data from any source and visualize the most important aspects for your customers.

Get it on Google Play

Or – Check out the following link to try out the Beacon Control Portal, and see how easy it is to manage  and make changes to the operating parameters:

Use these credentials:


Password: 1234


We can customize this interface to incorporate data from your devices so that your customers can see the value that you are creating for them. We can even create individual instances with your branding and give you complete control over the data that your products generate.