Whatever the industry, whatever the application, Beacon will eliminate the guesswork and risk associated with your technological assets and keep systems operating safely and efficiently. If you need to regulate the external and internal variables associated with technological applications, Beacon will help you easily and remotely manage variables from the convenience of your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

There are other options available; however, those options are limited and have no remote monitoring controls.  Beacon has remote settings that allow for setting adjustments, scheduling, and location mapping.  View the state of your equipment in real time and make adjustments as necessary right where you are.  The data collected by Beacon Smart Temperature Controller is stored in the cloud for your analysis.  Not only is it smart and convenient, Beacon is safe.  

Beacon Smart Controllers are rich in features and capabilities in order to offer the best monitoring and control possible.

Beacon Smart Controllers:

  • Provide wireless notifications and alerts (i.e. temperature out of range; settings changed by other user, cold boot-power reset; heartbeat-“alive” notifications; electrical current and temperature samples; relay status [on/off/changes]; keypad activity)
  • Offer connectivity to WiFi, or Cellular networks
  • Easily restrict access to settings both at the device and remotely
  • Allow for multiple user accounts with local logins, providing read-write and read-only access options.
  • Offer electrical current measurement (Powerblanket Smart Controllers give you the ability to measure current consumption.)
  • Come with two temperature probes (These Smart Controllers support and address numerous temperature sensors with support for control and ambient sensors as well.)
  • Provide wireless control (Powerblanket Smart Controllers allow for remote temperature setpoint changes, alert settings, changes, operating mode changes, switch override [force on or off], keypad lock/unlock)

Even More Features

In addition to all the above standard features, Beacon Smart Controllers are extremely user friendly.

Each controller is:

  • Setup for remote monitoring and control
  • Capable of logging data for record keeping or analysis (i.e. temperature, relay state [ on or off ], current, voltage, etc.) Data logs available remotely
  • Automatically triggered by alarms when conditions are met (power failure, temperature, outside of specified limits, etc.)
  • Able to ramp up to a temperature at a specified rate or dwell at a specified temperature and then switch off after a dwell period or run on a schedule

So whatever you need to monitor, Beacon Smart Controllers make it a carefree and efficient process.


Smart Temperature Controller

  • Compatibility with a wide variety of heating or cooling devices
  • Change settings locally or connect remotely through Wi-Fi or Cellular networks, so you can keep your operation running smoothly wherever you are.
  • Customizable scheduling and alerts based on temperature, electrical current, voltage, and resistance readings, give you complete peace of mind.
  • Create multiple users with varying levels of access and control for added security.
  • 120/208/240V AC options, switch up to 24 amps