Smart Temperature Controllers

Smart Temperature Controllers

The Beacon Smart Controller: Steps Above the Johnson Controls A419Beacon full

Perhaps you’ve heard of the Johnson Controls A419 controller. The name alone seems to suggest technological prowess. In fact, the A419 is the same controller used in the  Powerblanket PRO version drum and bucket heaters. While the Johnson A419 is a good controller, there is plenty it can’t do. With that said, let’s take a look at the Beacon Smart Controller and all it’s capable of.


Beacon Smart Controller: Precise Temperature Control

Since we’re on the subject of controllers, let’s talk about what makes the Beacon Smart Controller a better option when compared to the Johnson Controls A419. The Johnson Controls A419 is a good controller in its own right, but it isn’t a smart controller. Beacon, on the other hand, was founded on the idea of offering smart controllers for remote monitoring and control.


A controller that offers control without any ability to provide remote monitoring or control can only get you so far. In other words it works fine if you plan to be present throughout the duration of your application, but if you have long-term temperature control needs, babysitting a controller isn’t realistic. With Beacon Smart Controllers, you can both monitor and control your temperature devices remotely, wherever you can connect to the internet.


Beacon Controllers Allow You To:

  • Control and monitor your devices remotely.
  • Make changes without being physically present. Change setpoints, differentials, anti-short cycle delays and other settings from a smartphone or computer.
  • Receive notifications and alerts via text message, email, or push notifications (i.e. temperature out of range, settings changed by another user, cold boot-power reset, heartbeat-“alive” notifications, electrical current and temperature samples, relay status [on/off/changes], keypad activity).
  • Connect remotely via Wi-Fi or cellular networks.
  • Provide varying levels of access for multiple users.
  • Monitor electrical current measurement and tracking over time. (Beacon Smart Controllers give you the ability to measure current consumption and estimate cost of operation.)
  • But that’s not all…


So if you want to take complete control of your devices, learn more about how Beacon can make it possible.

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